Well, I just finished the rough draft of my new Christmas book. It’s a short story coming in at just under 18,000 words. I’ll give it a little room before I dive in to edit it and get it into shape, but hopefully, I can publish it early next week in time for the holidays.

Aside from being a dirty but emotional ride through New York in the year 2000, there are some fun overlaps and cameo’s from Disgusting Beautiful Immoral which felt a lot more powerful than I expected. It was strange to write about those characters at all, even the little bit that happens in this book. But I liked it and it felt deliciously indulgent.

I ended up naming each chapter after a Christmas song, which means it’s my first book that comes with a playlist! It’s a somewhat odd mix of tunes although I’m sure some of them are very familiar.

You can find the playlist on Youtube here if you’re curious.