This is my awe shucks look.

Yesterday I went on an epic push to sell as many copies of Disgusting Beautiful Immoral as possible and you all pulled through and made my day, selling more copies in one day than ever before.

By the time I went to sleep, DBI was ranked #8,964 out of every book on Amazon which is crazy. And it was #4 for Bisexual Erotica in both print and e-book format.

At the end of the day, you bought around 40 Kindle copies, 10 print copies, and 5 from iBooks. Which made me about $150 for the day. It’s nutty how the math works, but it was pretty darn exciting to watch it rise all day long thanks to you beautiful people.

So, thanks for bearing with me, thanks for buying the book, thanks for sharing my dirty photos and stories, and thanks for being all around wonderful, generous, and kind.