tumblr_nbbyvxbwbg1te0sexo1_1280Occasionally readers still send me pictures of themselves reading Disgusting Beautiful Immoral. It had been a while since I read it myself, and  so I recently looked through the novel again to find myself somewhat surprised by how incredibly filthy, dirty, and downright messy the book is.

I’m not sure what makes something dirtier than anything else (although I love the well-worn cover in this photo) but I do know that I packed more sex into this book than in any other, and I suspect you’d be hard pressed to find a dirtier full-length book out there. I’m not saying it’s for sure the dirtiest book in the world, but I would bet that it’s up there.

Here’s one of my favorite filthy bits from the first time Brent and Kelly fuck in front of the narrator:

“Look at me,” she whispered, her hand on my chin. “Do you want this? Do you want him to fuck me?” She was so quiet I almost didn’t hear her, and all I could do was nod in response.

Kelly reached one hand between her legs, but she never looked away. Her lips parted, and I could hear Brent grunting as he focused. The muscles in her arm tightened, her ass shifted, and suddenly her eyes opened wide. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, and I knew it was done. I kissed her once, but I couldn’t resist any longer. I leaned back, my hand on my cock as I watched, and then I finally looked down. After all this time, I had to see it.

Her thighs were open, wider this time, and her lips were bright red. I stared in awe as I saw her stretched around Brent’s thick cock, only half of him inside her. She closed her eyes and started to moan, her hips moving so slowly as she pushed down. Inch by inch he opened her, stretched her, and filled her, as she bit her lip and began to moan his name. I lifted her leg higher, hearing her scream, and I leaned in closer. He was moaning too, as he struggled not to move, letting her take as much as she could.

It felt like hours before finally he filled her all the way, and she moaned sounds I had never heard. Her body shook, the vein in his cock pulsed, but they held still for an eternity, him buried inside her. His cock inside my Babygirl. It was hard enough to watch, but the listening was something else completely. She grew louder and louder, even as they held still, and I was in awe. She was coming and they had barely started.

“Fuck, it feels good. It’s so fucking big, but…”

“Is it okay?” he asked, speaking for the first time.

She nodded her head as she tried moving, and I couldn’t look away. There was another man inside my little girl, and she was coming just from him entering her. She was clenching around him, moaning for him, and I knew everything was about to change.

“Say it, Babygirl.” My voice was a whisper, but she looked at me, her face clouded with lust. “Tell him what you want. It’s okay. You’ve already sucked his cock, so say it.”

It took a moment for it to register on her face, but then it was done.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. It was quiet at first, but it grew louder in seconds, and her simple request was instantly the sweet sound of her begging. “Fuck me, Brent. Please, fuck me hard. Do it, please, I need it.”

And then he began to move, as I lay there jerking off while I watched. At first, he slid in and out of her, once pulling all the way out until she begged him to put it back in, but then they fucked. There’s no other way to describe it, and I was in heaven. He slammed into her cunt, and she pushed against him. He thrust into her, and the screaming and moaning must have woken the neighborhood.

“You are so tight,” he screamed as he fucked my little girlfriend, and I was amazed. Not at their bodies, and not even at the size of his cock. I was in awe at how easily they moved, how loudly they begged, and how sweetly they fucked. When I kissed her mouth, Kelly smiled at me, and I was back to being myself, the jealousy completely overtaken by my want. I moved up on the bed, pulling a pillow behind my back, and I took her by the hair and forced her eyes to look up at me.

Brent rolled her over onto her knees, her whimper only lasting the few seconds he wasn’t inside her, and then he fucked her again. I lowered her mouth to my cock and she swallowed me without a moment’s wait. She grabbed me, sucked me into her mouth, and pushed back onto him.

“I love you so much,” she whispered, looking into my eyes. And then she was back around me, deepthroating me, and gagging each time he pushed her onto me. The world was a blur.

“Do you like getting fucked?” I asked, even though I knew she couldn’t answer. “Do you like having his big cock inside you? Do you like fucking Daddy’s friend?”

She started to come again, all of us having already lost count, and her body shook with screams of joy and release. She shook, her hands still on me even as she bucked her hips against him. I could see her orgasm move through her, and the expression on her face went from complete adoration to unfettered lust. She was prettier than I had ever seen her before.

“Guys, I’m gonna come soon,” Brent said. He looked at me for the first time and shrugged his shoulders like we were just having a chat. I thought for a moment, then pulled her forward and threw her down on her back. I knelt above her and jerked off as she opened her legs wide.

“Keep fucking me,” she moaned, and he was back inside her without a word. I watched them fuck, my eyes moving from her face to her pussy, and when I reached down and rubbed her clit she screamed my name. He started to shake and looked at me once more, as if asking me the question that I knew was on all our minds.

“Come on her,” I said. “Come on her stomach.”

He pulled out a second later, and somehow, maybe because we had been friends forever, we started to come at the same time – him between her legs, leaning forward – and me onto her lips, her chin, and her neck. Our fists were blurs as we pumped and jerked, and all three of us were making noises that were new. I watched his come land on her stomach, and even then I had an ounce of regret. It was beautiful and sexy, but no matter what the danger, there was a part of me that had longed to see him come inside her.

I pushed the thought away as I watched her open her lips around me, licking the come off my cock as her own body continued to spasm on the bed. She held me in her hand, even as she rubbed his come into her skin with the other, and by the time I kissed her mouth I was in love all over again. The mess on her body was perfect, and even her red and swollen pussy was a piece of art. Everything about the scene was a dream, and I never wanted to wake up…

(You can find the full book on Amazon in both print and e-book formats.)