nude young woman in outdoor shower

Piper in the Shower. Photo by Guy New York

We went directly from the sidewalk to the shower.

I didn’t even watch her undress as we fumbled with our clothes in her bathroom, but when the warm water finally penetrated our bodies I had my arms around her. The freckles on her shoulder made constellations that distracted me for a total of three seconds before I felt myself harden between the perfect cheeks of her ass.

She turned around and kissed me before I could say a thing.

“I’ve never seen you naked before,” she said when we finally took a breath. The truth was that we had fucked before, but never alone. We had fucked at parties and in bathrooms. We had fucked on the back patio of a certain bar and we had fucked in a taxi, but never once did we loose all our clothes.

We both stepped back and took each other in. My eyes moved over her soft curves and she giggled as the water splashed off my head and onto her chest. When we stepped forward again our hands reached out and we touched the parts we had ignored. I touched her hip and ran my fingers along her side to the small of her back.

She put both hands on my chest and then slid one to my shoulder and down my arm. Our eyes followed as we touched lightly, and after that, it was lips and kisses that found all the bends and curves that we never noticed in the dark. I kissed her neck and space between her breasts; I kissed her elbow and rubbed the back of her legs as I pulled her to me.

She ran her fingers over my hip bone and pressed hard against me to see what moved and what didn’t. It wasn’t until our mouths found one another again that our hands returned to the familiar. She was warm and wet as I slid fingers inside her and she guided me to her with all the ease that came with too many drunken nights.

I pushed her against the cold wall, and she screamed as I thrust into her. She tasted like soap and water and everything dripped down our bodies as we steadied ourselves.

“Can we keep the light on tonight?” she asked as I lifted her up and filled her again.

“We can leave it on all night if it means I get to kiss your stomach and scratch your thighs.”

Neither of us lasted long in the hot water, but it didn’t matter. It was the beginning of something we hadn’t done before and it felt wonderful. As I scrunched up my face and held her tightly I felt so content that I nearly laughed as I came. She kissed the water off my nose and clenched around me with a smile I could have seen in the dark.