Quickies in New York: The Complete Stories

Over 1,000 stories in one giant 800 page volume.
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“All of Guy’s work is fantastic and having all of QNY in one collection is brilliant. He has a deft command of erotica and you should probably also pick up a copy for your more… intimate friends as well.”  – Five Star Amazon Review

The culmination of seven years of daily blogging, QNY: The Complete Stories is possibly the largest collection of erotica by a single author. From sweet and lovely to sad, erotica, kinky, taboo, and everything in between the stories are short and beautiful. And since there are about 1,000 of them, you’re bound to find something you like.

A perfect gift for someone who loves erotica that is smart, sweet, and sexy as hell.

The book is 814 pages long and weighs in at 2.2lbs, so make sure your back is in good shape before picking it up.

(Also makes a lovely doorstop or paperweight.)

"I have enjoyed watching these stories emerge one at a time, doled out slowly. The stories have a wide range of feeling, from sweet to hot and always full of longing. I like to imagine the characters are always around the corner or through the wall, so close in this same NYC. I'm glad to have them all collected in one huge book, too huge to devour in one sitting. I'll have to close my eyes and turn to a random page to replicate my usual experience."

Praise for QNY The Complete Stories

Five Star Amazon Review