Disgusting, Beautiful, Immoral

Disgusting Beautiful Immoral


“I have to start by saying this is a really dirty book. But I mean that in all the best ways. It’s visceral, smart, sexy, and strangely honest.” – J.S.

“I’ve read plenty of smut and lived just as much, if not more but none compares to this book.” – Deacon

“Christ on a cupcake. I’ve read six chapters online and I’m enthralled.” – L.L.

“What a gorgeous story woven with intense and complex relationships with the best smutty sex scenes ever. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something well beyond the standard erotica” – Neets

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Book Description:

Nobody has ever loved a woman the way Brent and I loved Kelly.

I met her first, and for a while, I thought that mattered. We hooked up at a party, crawled into bed a few days later, and before I knew it, that summer after college was the most messed up fuck fest of a summer I have ever had.

But love comes in different packages, and when Brent finally came back to the city everything changed in an instant. Maybe it was the first time I undressed her in front of him while our roommates watched, or maybe it was that early morning when he parted her legs as I lay next to them on the bed. Whatever it was, the three of us were thrown into a love that couldn’t be defined or controlled no matter how hard I tried.

Messy, glorious, and hot as hell, Disgusting Beautiful Immoral is a kinky thrill ride through New York City just as the millennium was ending. We did things to Kelly I didn’t know where possible, and together we forged something entirely new.

Finally, a full length romantic erotic novel about the love between two men and one incredibly lucky, brilliant, and very sexy girl.


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Authors Note:

I hear from readers that they often devour this book in a night or two, which always brings me back to writing it. I spent two weeks furiously scribbling this down, letting my imagination and my memory intertwine into one long story which you now see as Disgusting Beautiful Immoral. I wrote in the morning, I wrote at my desk at work, and I stayed up late writing again, and it felt more like a possession than anything else. This book had to come out.

It explores many of my favorite kinks and turn-ons (threesomes, daddy/lg, age play, jealousy, spanking, etc) but the friendships are almost as important if not more so. And the characters journey to communicate, both with each other and even with themselves, is what made it so much fun to write.


I was on a similar journey to Thomas, in that I was struggling with my kinks, my turn-ons, and moving away from “everything being just fine” all the time. Because the truth is things are often not fine, and we all need to learn to how to not just survive but strive when life throws us curveballs.
It’s been gratifying to see this book resonate with so many people, so thank you again for reading, for writing me sweet notes, and for staying up so late with my characters getting lost in this city that I love.


– Guy New York




The Island on the Edge of Normal

island-new-web“Impossible to believe that this is a first novel. It feels so assured, so wise; and the “edge” of the title teaches us so much about internalized morality that the text is almost a manual of emotional intelligence…. Now, at last, the Age of the Internet is producing its own fine young novelists; one of them wrote this book.”
–Frank Delaney, NY Times Bestselling author of Ireland a Novel

“If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if jealousy were considered a bad habit to be minimized rather than a sign of true love to be celebrated, give this a read. I don’t know any better window into the realities of such a life.”
–Dr. Christopher Ryan, NY Times Bestelling co-author of Sex at Dawn

The first novel by Guy New York, The Island on the Edge of Normal, follows James from New York City to the coast of Maine where he struggles to forget his past by destroying his memories one page at a time. As he settles into his new life, he finds himself falling in love with Issa, the married women whose house he is sharing. When he learns that Issa and Paul have an open marriage he’s forced to make decisions he’s tried hard to avoid.

But the more comfortable he becomes, the more his past returns, until suddenly it arrives on the island in the form of Jane, the woman he’s been trying so hard to forget. Even as James learns about non-jealous husbands, handsome tourists, polyamory, and growing up on the edge of normal, he’s still consumed by guilt, fear, and a deep-seated anger that he doesn’t fully understand and can’t let go.

A tale of love, lust, and redemption, The Island on the Edge of Normal pushes the boundaries of what it means to create, destroy, and forgive.

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