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note: This is just porn. It’s personality driven porn, but it’s porn all the same. It’s also the one book people tell me they’ve come to more than once.

description: When the other two girls cancelled at the list minute I had a choice: stay home or go spend the weekend on the lake with three of my best guy friends.

It was a simple choice, but I sure as hell didn’t expect where it would go. I didn’t know Toby could be so sweet, Jason could be so rough, and Mark… Well, let’s just say no one knew what Mark was hiding in his shorts.

We spent the weekend laughing, drinking, kissing, licking, and… well, you know. It was sweet, hot, and overwhelming, and I can honestly say it changed my life.

Needless to say, this is a very dirty story intended for grownups. Reader discretion is advised.

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