Brorotica Vol. 3

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“If you read one parody of 50 Shades of Grey, then the middle “finger” of this handful of slick, smart, cheeky tales of the burgeoning “Bromance” subgenre of erotic writing should be that one.” — Five Star Amazon Review

More straight men and gay sex!

Fifty Shades of Gay is over the top outrageous, downright filthy, and insanely hot. From high school jocks to wall street dudes, these Bros know how to get what they want, even when they don’t know that they want it.

Occupy Bro street introduces Gavin, who having the worst sales record for the month, has to take one for the team. Or possibly from the team.

Bad Bromance is about a tutor and his football-playing-dude-bro-student who makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

And then there’s the title story. When young Anastas is picked up by the incredibly rich Mr. Gay, his inner Goddess gets something of a hard-on. He gasps, he swoons, and he gasps again. Hilarious and hot, it’s possibly closer to eighty or ninety shades of gay.

Browatch finds a frat party at a beach house, where two young surfers discover a secret that everyone else seems to already know.

And finally, Bromancing the Stone introduces two handsome men stuck on long train ride together. After a few glasses of scotch, and a mysterious stone with a mythic sexual past, they find good ways to pass the time.

The stories contain depictions of explicit sex between consenting adults.

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