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Continuing in the tradition of Brorotica Vol 2, Chicks Are For Fags is a collection of five short stories about straight men having gay sex. The stories are hot, honest, dirty, sometimes funny, and always graphic.

In The English Teacher, a college sophomore re-connects with his old high school English teacher. They quickly find they have some unfinished business that involves helping the student out of his pesky little virginity.

In Chicks Are For Fags, two roommates argue about just how gay it is to hang out with girls all the time. “What are you going to do, get your nails done?” one screams. When they begin to question each other’s manhood, they get into an argument over who has better abs and a bigger…well, you know. As they yell at each other, they start stripping down to prove their worth until they come face to face with a shocking reality.

A Daddy for Daddy explores a straight Dom’s struggle to keep his “little girl” happy. When he confides in his friend Marco that he’s at a loss for what to do, he discovers that in order to learn how to be a truly great top, he may have to learn what it means to submit.

As the frat party winds down, two roommates end up listening to their neighbor getting it on. Frat Time is Bro Time follows them as their frustration peaks and they finally have to find release in each other’s arms. And legs. And mouths.

Old Friends is the story of two men who take a weekend away to help one of them cope with the ending of his marriage. While the hot tub and the blazing fire help them relax, it also brings back strong memories, old fears, and lost regrets. As James begins to break down and let out his pain and suffering, his best friend Ben helps him learn to feel wanted again. The only way he knows how.

All five stories contain explicit sex between consenting adults. The collection is about 13,000 words long.

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