Emily put both hands–her wrists crossed–on the pylon in front of her as she pushed back onto him. His cock was shaped just the right way, and it was thick enough as to almost hurt. He fucked her harder as she let her mind go just as she always did.

It started with her high school English teacher as usual. It moved quickly to her youth minister and then the kid on her hall her freshman year of college. Next was the one professor she had slept with, and then two members of the rugby team she pretended were brothers. They never corrected her.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned, returning long enough to feel him again. His fingers dug into her skin as he pounded into her and for a brief and glorious second the images vanished, and all she knew was that she was being fucked by a stranger with a perfect cock and rough hands. She stared at the sand between her toes as she felt every bit of him within her and it was almost enough.

“Fuck me harder,” she said, letting the words carry her away. “You feel so fucking good, and your dick is so much bigger than my husband’s.”

“Than who?” he exclaimed, nearly stopping, but unable to hold himself back.

“It doesn’t matter. Just harder. Fuck me harder; I want to come on your big cock.”

“You cheating slut,” he said, instantly slamming into her before holding himself deep within her. “God, but you’re perfect.”

“Yes!” she screamed, feeling him bottom out within her, her cunt holding him tightly as she began to come. Her knees buckled, but he held her up as she clenched and shook. He pulled out of her and then thrust more just at the right moment to make her come again, her fingers now between her legs as she squeezed her eyes shut and pushed back.

“Should I pull out?” he gasped, entering her in long slow strokes.

“No,” she moaned, trying to reach back and hold him there. “Inside me. Come inside me.”

“Oh god,” he yelled, pulling her to him so hard that she nearly fell. And then he was erupting within her, filling her with his come as he kissed the back of her neck and bruised her hips with his tightening fingers.

“Keep going,” she said, feeling one last orgasm roll through her as she imagined everything all at once. I’m fucking a stranger, she said to herself; her mantra set to repeat. I’m fucking a stranger, and Tom doesn’t know. I’m fucking a stranger; he’s coming inside me, I’m letting a stranger fuck me and come in me, I’m fucking a stranger…

And then he was done, his hands resting her back on the ground as he gathered his breath. Emily braced herself for the impending loss, holding her breath as he pulled out of her. Her toes were covered in the early morning surf as the tide came in, and she didn’t move for a long time…

(From my latest books, Behind His Back. Read more here.)