Caught in the Act, Bisexual EroticaI haven’t written a lot of bi stories recently, so this was a fun return for me. This short story is pretty over the top and super hot. At least I think so, and if you like bisexual erotica, then hopefully you’ll like it too! Basically the narrator catches his girlfriend’s 18 year-old daughter making out her boyfriend and blackmails them both into sleeping with him. It’s an age old story, I know, but the things he does to that boy…

Here’s a short bit from it:

“Why don’t you both lie down first,” I said, making myself comfortable. “Just next to each other right there.”

They did as they were told, stretching out on the bed on their backs. His cock was limp, but even still it was impressive. Her pretty cunt was just a few feet away from me, and I had to stop myself from licking my lips.

“Why don’t you kiss each other for a while. Oh, and Jared, I want to watch you finger her.”

To his credit he didn’t pause. They rolled over on their sides, pulled each other close, and started to kiss while I watched. He parted her legs with one hand, and within seconds he had two fingers inside her as she moaned into their kiss. His cock twitched to life instantly, and I could smell her from where I was. She slid a leg up over him, giving me a perfect view of his fingers sliding in and out of her, and I couldn’t look away.

“Have you really never fucked her?” I asked him, as I got up and walked around the bed. I sat down right behind her, reaching down to touch her hair.

“No,” he said, leaning back and looking up at me. His hand didn’t stop moving, and Jenny was moaning quietly into the pillow.

“Well, I think we should change that, don’t you? It would be such a shame to waste that cock, wouldn’t it? And besides, I think I want to watch her get fucked.” I had thought about watching her for too long, and there was no way I could wait much longer. His cock was hard and thick, and I longed to see it replace his fingers inside her.

“Please don’t make us,” Jenny sobbed, rolling over and looking up at me. Her eyes were red, but this time she made no effort at all to cover herself. Without thought I reached down and brushed her lips and chin. Her skin was soft and warm, and I ran my hand down her neck and over her breasts before pausing on her stomach. She looked just like I imagined her mother did at eighteen and it was mesmerizing. Jenny didn’t turn away as I touched her, and I leaned in even closer as I started to move again. I touched the light hair above her cunt, running my fingers through it, before sliding my hand down to one thigh. With my other hand in her hair, I suddenly had her exactly how I wanted her. I closed both hands, pulled her head back and her thighs open, and suddenly her cunt was completely exposed.

“Fuck her now, Jared!” I demanded. “I want to see you fuck this little slut, and I want to see you fuck her hard…”

You can read the whole dirty thing on Amazon!