Bisexual and Gay Male Erotica

From bi guys who get around to "straight" men who can't keep their hands off each other, these books are big and uncut.

Brorotica: straight men and gay sexBros will be bros

Dudes, sometimes being super straight is a little gay. And sometimes it’s like, really gay. Like this book. Which is about bros, dudes, and dudebros getting it on with each other, for each other, and on top of each other.

(Includes Brorotica I, II, and III)

Sometimes you just want to be fucked hard. By your teacher.

“When I finally confessed to him that I wanted to be used like I had done with the one girl I ever dated, his eyes opened wide and he gave me a knowing smile. It didn’t take long before he took me to his apartment and began giving me lessons that started with me kneeling on the floor.”

He catches her with a boy so he takes them both

“It wasn’t hard to convince them to play my little game, and within minutes I had them both in the palm of my hand while I watched. They were willing to do anything at all as long as I didn’t tell on them, but they didn’t know just how dirty my mind was.”

Two dudes and one girl. Obviously.

MMF, Short Stories of Boy Boy Girl Love, is a collection of 50 short stories about threesomes with two men and one woman. Ranging from hotwives to swingers and one night stands, these stories are always hot, occasionally sweet, sometimes funny, and so incredibly real you’ll feel like you’re in the center of the action.

Praise for Brorotica

"Look, I'm totally straight. I like chicks and chicks like me! Still, this collection is totally hot. I mean, it's uncomfortably hot. I mean I read it like three times and even though I'm TOTALLY STRAIGHT it got me going. Suits and ties, roughhousing, big words and big johnsons."