Big Bi Boy Bundle

Six books of guys who want it all. Male on Male, MMF, and a whole lot more.
Buy The Bundle: $6.99

Whatever you can imagine happening between two guys and a girl, the book has it. BDSM, kink, roleplaying, a couple living out their hot fantasies, friends who are trying a threesome for the first time, a couple seducing a stranger… it’s all there in the book.”

-Five Star Amazon review for MMF.

Bisexual Male Erotica: $6.99

This bundle includes six books about men whose sexuality isn’t on the straight and narrow. From bros who like to get it on with their palls, to husband’s who enjoy bringing other men into their beds, it’s all about the best of both worlds.

Some of these stories are sweet, many of them are silly, but as with all of my writing, they are erotic, filthy, and a whole lot of fun.

(The Bundle includes .pdf, .epub, and .mobi files for the following books: Brorotica I, II, and III, Caught in the Act, Teacher’s New Toy, and MMF.)