Behind His Back

Emily seeks out anonymous sex during a beach vacation with her husband. Payback is a bitch though and Emily knows just how to go about it.

While on vacation, Emily takes every chance she gets to cheat on her husband. From a waiter in a restaurant bathroom to college boys on the beach, her only requirement is that they’re all strangers. She is relentless in her pursuit of pleasure, often finding herself in compromising situations with her unaware husband just a few feet away.

But after a long day of sexual exploits, her husband has his own agenda. And it’s one Emily must work hard to get through, especially if she’s to keep her secrets.

A twisted story of a young woman’s desire to find her own satisfaction as she struggles with her abusive husband’s difficult wants and needs.


“Keep going,” she said, feeling one last orgasm roll through her as she imagined everything all at once. I’m fucking a stranger, she said to herself; her mantra set to repeat. I’m fucking a stranger, and Tom doesn’t know. I’m fucking a stranger; he’s coming inside me, I’m letting a stranger fuck me and come in me, I’m fucking a stranger...

Excerpt from Behind His Back