The note was clear. I was to be naked, in bed, and hard when she got home.

The problem was I wasn’t sure when that would be. I got home early, picked up our room, lit some candles, and undressed, but I had somewhere between ten minutes and three hours to prepare myself. The naked part was easy, but keeping myself in a constant state of arousal was going to be more difficult.

I got hard quickly enough, and then I had to slow everything down. I played out long fantasies in my head, I squeezed my cock tightly, and I stayed on my back for an hour. Every sound made me jump and clench, and her occasional text message reminding me to be ready didn’t help. I came so close to coming on numerous occasions, but I was terrified that if I did I wouldn’t have enough time to recover.

It was nearly two hours later that she walked in the door. My eyes were closed, my right hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, and the head was swollen red and purple. I was so close to coming I wanted to cry.

She stood next to me in silence before lifting up her dress. She straddled me in the candlelight, hovering just above me as her fingers moved between her thighs. Two fingers went inside her and two more circled her clit, but even when I lifted myself from the bed she held me still.

“Are you ready to come?” she asked after long minutes, her own breath now grown short.

“Yes,” I moaned as she pushed down around me. She reached down with both hands and covered my mouth and nose as my body began to shake. Her thighs were tight around me, and I couldn’t so much as move, even as I came within her. I struggled to breathe as my balls tightened, and she screamed out as she clenched her cunt around my pulsing cock.

When she finally let go I gasped for breath and pulled her lips to mine. I was still coming, but it was my whole body that exploded. I shook and bit my lip, and I continued to thrust up inside her as her own screams and release drenched my thighs.

“We have to do that again,” she said when our bodies finally gave us room to talk.

“Kill me,” I whispered.