Autumn is Coming

Stories of fall, from love and romance to kinky and hot, each short story feels just like the changing of the seasons
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A small collection of very short stories about the coming of fall. Some sweet, some erotic, and some whimsical, each vignette will make you taste the cool wind, smell the apple cider, and long for a warm fire with someone you love.

From Autumn is Coming

Autumn is creepier than I am.

When she crawled into bed next to me she smelled of clove cigarettes, a scotch manhattan, and cinnamon chewing gum. Her red hair splayed out on the pillow as she lay back with a sigh, and I couldn’t turn away from her perfect green eyes. She was more beautiful than I remembered, and her smirk spoke of memories that were quickly returning to my mind.

“Take off your shirt and I’ll tell you a secret,” she whispered. I didn’t pause as I pulled it up over my head, the chilly breeze from the window suddenly irrelevant. She did the same to her own, and I marveled at the freckles that covered her breasts, grown from a summer of too much sun in nothing but her skin.

“Now the rest of it,” she said, shimmying out of her shorts as I fumbled with my own. I was tempted to pull up the blanket, but that would mean covering the glory of her naked body.

“What have you done?” I asked, trying not to hold my breath.