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I recently made a new cover and edited the text of an older book I published called Anything for An A. It’s a fun, and I think somewhat witty, take on the classic schoolgirl/teacher seduction story. Here’s an excerpt along with the new cover.

“Sara,” he said, pulling back. “This is a bad idea.”

“Will you answer something for me honestly?”

I didn’t give him time to respond.

“Did you look at those pictures in bed last night?  Did you crawl into your bed, look at the pictures of me naked, and get yourself off?  Tell me you didn’t, and I’ll leave right now.”

He looked down at the bed, then left and then right.  He grabbed the fabric of his slacks and twisted as he looked everywhere but at me. I reached down and lifted my shirt over my head.  I wasn’t wearing a bra, and before he could do a thing my bare breasts were right there for him to see.

“Aren’t they better in real life?” I whispered as I leaned in close to him.  “Plus, think about how hard you came last night, and then think about how much harder you could come with me here.”

It was his turn to kiss me that time, and he didn’t stop.  He grabbed my hair in his hand and pulled me to him as I let out a little scream of surprise.  His hands were on my breasts in no time at all, and he sighed as he touched me.

“You’ve been driving me crazy,” he grumbled between kisses.

“Who me?” I asked, with my eyes wide open.

“Your fucking shirt is open further every day, and those skirts you wear…”

“You mean like this?” I asked, leaning back on his bed and pulling my skirt up onto my thighs.

He stared at me and there was some serious lust in his gaze.  I could see his eyes moving up and down my body, and every time I inched my skirt higher, he groaned.

“Show me,” he said, pulling my ankles apart much harder than I expected.

“Show you what, Mr. McGrath?” I asked, as I slammed my knees together.

“Show me what’s under your tight little skirt…