All The Groom's Men

One Bride. Six Groomsmen. A wedding to remember.

Sarah knows that the second she gets married she’ll never get laid again. And that’s a problem.

She’s had a fantasy for as long as she can remember, and it’s the one thought she can’t get rid of before her wedding night. Sarah wants to be taken by men. Six of them, and all at once. She wants to be used and abused, and no matter how hard she tries, it’s always by exactly the wrong six men.

When the six groomsmen walk in on her getting dressed the day of her wedding, she’s not sure if she can resist. And when they approach her one at a time to offer her gifts from her husband she knows it’s over.

As Sarah gives in to her lust and desires (that means she has sex with them all right before the ceremony) she finds her heart may be stronger than she thought.

Full of passion, love, and hardcore sex, All the Groom’s Men is a very dirty book intended for adults who like this sort of thing.

"It's possible Sarah upped her fantasy game ahead of her impending wedding. It's also possible that she just got the best farewell-to-being-single gift a fiance could ever arrange. As always, Guy New York writes terrific contemporary erotic fiction."

Praise for All The Groom’s Men

Five Star Amazon Review