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When the holidays come around, all I want is a Christmas party, some good drinks, and some very hot and very kinky sex.

From Amazon:

The annual Christmas party is where everything important happens at Jessica O’Connor’s firm. And this year is no different.Our narrator starts out watching the party from a secluded room while her personal assistant takes care of her from behind. She then moves on to her husband, who’s gift comes wrapped in a black dress and red lipstick.

Only after she’s completed her first two liaisons does she dare take the elevator to the penthouse. Once she walks in the door, the strong dominant woman we’ve followed all night is suddenly confronted with the one man who makes her tremble and squirm all at the same time.

She hope’s she’s done exactly as he’s asked, and even more she hopes to get her reward. Of course, everything depends on how well she’s followed instructions.

A Very Sexy Christmas is an explicit story intended for an adult audience.