She had been crushing on him for months when she finally admitted it to me, so of course, there was only one thing to do.

We tied her to the bed, her arms above her head, her legs spread, and each ankle and wrist tightly bound to the frame. We laughed as we did it, and I suspect that she had a very different vision in mind than I did. In fact, I suspect that her laughter was a sign that she was completely confident in getting exactly what she wanted and expected.

Which is most likely why she began to whimper the second we left the room. We laughed as we undressed, and I turned the water on in the shower to drown out the faint sounds of her voice. He was just as playful as I was, and as we stood there under the hot water running our hands gently over each other’s bodies, we almost didn’t make it back to the bedroom at all.

“I was beginning to think you forgot me,” she said, when we finally stumbled back out, our towels wrapped tightly around our waists.

“Well, we were having a nice time,” he said as he approached the bed, “but I thought maybe you’d like to do more than just listen. He walked around to the far side as I knelt on the thick mattress next to her right shoulder. When he mirrored me on the bed, she began to make a slightly different sound as she struggled with the restraints, clearly wishing to participate in a more physical fashion.

I reached out a hand and he did the same, and the girl between us vanished when our lips finally touched. We kissed like we had known each other forever, and his lips were strong and full, his tongue pushing into my mouth with a vigor I had almost forgotten. He kissed me with force and passion, holding me tightly as I tried to pull him even closer.

In the middle of it all, we tore the towels from each other’s bodies and I grabbed his ass, pulling him to me until our cocks we pressed against each other, each one growing harder by the minute. His hands were on my chest, on my ass, and then suddenly there were fingers wrapped around my cock and teeth against my neck as I moaned into his hair.

The struggling girl beneath us struggled even harder, but while she was a lovely backdrop to our tableaux, our focus was clear and direct. We moved closer to her, our knees boxing her in on both sides as he leaned forward just inches from her face. His hand hadn’t stopped sliding up and down my cock when his mouth opened on me, and her sigh was more of a scream as he took me between his lips. I didn’t hold back, fucking him in a second as I reached down and grabbed her hair to brace myself. He took more and more of me each time until he was practically gagging on me, and her mouth was open wide as she tried to will us closer.

Before I came, I slid back, lowering myself to his mouth so I might kiss him again, still just in front of her as she gasped and cried, her eyes glued to us.

“My turn,” I said, licking his chin as I grabbed his shoulders and then his ass once more, sliding him up so I could take him into my mouth. His cock was thick and hard, and I held him there in front of her, her lips aching to taste him even though he was just out of reach. I slid one hand up and down him, feeling him pulse beneath me as I teased him with my tongue, and then, just as her sighs of frustration grew the loudest, I took him into my mouth and throat, swallowing that glorious cock in one go.

His hands were gentle in my hair, but his hips bucked as he fucked me. On occasion, he lifted my chin just enough for me to stare up into his eyes as I sucked his cock, and there was a tenderness that I adored instantly. While one hand slid up and down him, the other reached back, pulling him to me with a hand on his ass. I tugged harder, feeling him open as my fingers grew braver and my mouth more frantic.

“Please, it’s not fair,” she said as he thrust harder, his own groans now drowning out hers. “I just want to taste him.”

But I didn’t let up, and he didn’t slow down. As my fingers worked his ass, and his hands tugged on my hair, I could feel his strength waver as the sighs poured from his mouth. I squeezed him tighter around the base, took all of him once more, and then sucked his head between my lips as he finally began to scream in release. He came just inches from her face, and I struggled to swallow all of it. He came on my lips and down my throat as I licked him and sucked him clean so close to her mouth that I could feel her breath against my skin.

And then he was done, his cock instantly too sensitive to touch as we lay back on each side, our bodies slick with sweat and come. I lay down, my hand on my cock as I worked myself into a frenzy while he watched. His breathing was still fast as I grew closer and closer and the sounds of her crying pushed me over the edge until I was coating my own stomach and he was leaning over her, kissing me again before licking my chest and my neck as his hand rubbed the rest into my skin.

“I hate you both,” she said when he finally lay back down against her. We snuggled up to her warm skin, and I could hear her heart beating and her blood pumping. I kissed her cheek as he did the same, but still, she struggled against the restraints begging for her own release.

“Not now,” I finally said, as I clasped his hand against her stomach. “Just let us rest for a while, then maybe we’ll let you out to play.”

“I really don’t like you at all,” she said, as we finally all closed our eyes.