Piper getting off to The Places They Come

(From The Places They Come)

Jessica climbed onto his lap a second later and their kiss was not tender. He bit her lip as his hands moved up and down her body, squeezing her breasts and her ass like a beast. He kissed down her neck to her chest, taking each nipple between his teeth before his fingers slid between her thighs to her shaved cunt.

“Fuck, you are so goddamn wet already. How long have you wanted to fuck me? How long have you wanted this?” he asked, placing her hand on his cock through his jeans. She let out a long sigh, and for just a second she looked over her shoulder at me. He turned her head back to him and kissed her again before standing her up in front of him. “How long?”

“Three years,” she said, her voice trembling. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for three years, Paul. Since I was twenty-three.”

“You really are a slut. You should have told me sooner. Think of all the sex we could have been having.” He pulled his shirt off over his head to reveal a body I didn’t know existed. His abs were clear and defined, and his shoulders were strong and wide. She was on her knees an instant later, and he stood in front of her and watched as she undid his pants. He dropped his belt next to her on the floor, and before I could even think, his jeans were around his knees, and she had his cock in her hand. It was only semi-hard, and already it was big. Her fingers barely closed around it, and the look on her face was ravenous.

Without waiting for another second, she opened her mouth and took him between her lips and as far down her throat as she could. She gagged, but with her hand wrapped firmly around his shaft, she did it again, sucking him into her mouth over and over. My own cock was in my hand a second later, and she was lost in her effort. He grunted as she blew him, and within seconds he was rock hard in her mouth. I watched as she leaned back, and his cock was huge as it left her. I was amazed she could fit it all down her throat, but he simply smiled at her and called her a good girl.

“It’s so fucking big,” she moaned, kissing his head, and jerking him off slowly with her hand. “And it’s so beautiful. And thick. And…”

“Is this what you need, you little whore? Do you need a big cock in that tight young cunt of yours? Is that it?”

“Yes,” she moaned, standing up and kissing him once more. His fingers were back on her cunt a second later, and before I knew what was happening he lifted her up and dropped her onto the bed on her back. She cried out as she landed, but her legs opened instantly as he stood between them, forcing her knees wider with his hands.

“Touch your pussy,” he growled, his hand wrapped around his cock, just like I was doing. She fingered herself, sliding two fingers deep inside her as he watched, and it was the most pornographic thing I had ever seen. He stood between my wife’s legs watching her touch herself, and the begging started instantly.

“Please fuck me,” she moaned. “Please, I need that monster inside me. I need it so badly.”

He leaned forward, pulling her closer to him, and I watched as he rubbed his cock against the lips of her cunt. Just as he was about to thrust into her, she put a hand on his chest and whispered something I couldn’t hear. He grunted, but reached over to the bedside table and tore open the condom. It was on him a second later, and then he was back against her folds as she begged him once more.

“Louder, you little bitch. I want the whole neighborhood to know you need this big cock in your cunt. I want your husband to cry himself to sleep knowing you’ll be dreaming about me.”

“Please!” she yelled, trying to push down around him. “Please fuck me, Paul. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

I had never heard her scream so loudly, and a second later he started to push inside her, changing her demands to guttural groans of pleasure and want.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as he pushed further and further inside her until all I could see was his ass on top of her as he fucked my young wife on our bed. She was coming in seconds, and he laughed as she screamed out his name while she clenched around him.

“Come here,” he said turning to me. I didn’t pause before walking to them, my hand still on my cock. “Look at your wife’s cunt stretched around my fat cock. Do you like that? Do you like seeing me fuck her? She came the second I was inside her. God, she’s fucking tight.”

“Yes,” I moaned, staring at her body in awe. She was, in fact, stretched around him, and he was moving faster and faster, fucking her harder with each thrust. “God yes.”

She looked at me for a moment, her eyes nearly closed in ecstasy as they fucked, and then she was back on him, staring at him as he slammed into her. She pulled him down for a kiss, and there were tears in her eyes as she came over and over again, moaning his name in between gasps of pleasure.

“I want to come in this pussy,” he growled, his fingers touching her clit and then grabbing the condom at the base. “Let me take this off.”

“Oh god,” she moaned again as she thrust up to meet him. “I can’t. Not this time.”

He moved faster and faster, and it was clear that he was close to coming.

“How about this ass then?” he said, pushing a finger into her tight hole.

“Oh fuck, I’ve never done that,” she said. “Just come for me now, please let me feel you. Maybe next time, next time you can take it off.”

“And your ass?” he said, slowing down. He pulled out for a moment and she looked frantic. She looked back and forth between me and him, and there was nothing but lust and need in her eyes.

“Yes, my ass too,” she finally moaned. “Anything you want, just please don’t stop. I want to feel you come.”

“Promise,” he said, “I want to you hear you promise in front of me and your husband.”

“Oh god, anything,” she cried. “I promise, I promise. Next time you can fuck my ass. My husband has never done it. You can have my virgin ass, and next time you can take off the condom and come inside me. I don’t care, I’ll do anything. You can fill me with your come as many times as you want. Oh god, just please don’t stop.”

“Good girl,” he groaned, pushing back inside her…

(From The Places They Come: A Cuckold’s Diary)