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Guy New York is a bestselling erotica author and publisher with more than 30 titles to his name. With two full length novels, numerous short works, and a thousand free stories on his blog Quickies in New York, his books have been widely read and occasionally burned.

You can find all of his books here, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He also runs a dirty bookstore at 

The Summer I Watched: new hotwife erotica

The Summer I Watched, a hotwife erotica novella

The Summer I Watched, a hotwife erotica novella

Guess who is a ridiculous human being and has another new book out because why the hell not?

If you guessed me, you are correct. This one comes from dreaming of summer and hot tubs and pools and sex. Lots and lots of sex. It’s been a good distraction from the rest of my life, and it was tons of fun to write. It’s a novella (about 100 pages long) and it all takes place in a beautiful house in the mountains with one hell of a view.

The short version is the narrator likes to watch people fuck. Like, a lot. And he’d really like to watch his wife fuck someone, but while she likes the fantasy, that’s all it’s ever been.

But then they take in a 20-year-old Irish college student for the summer, and she gets her fingers in everything and makes things happen. Like sex things.

You can read more about it (like an actual blurb) on the book page, and find links to all the places you can buy it if it’s up your alley.

And if you want a free copy in exchange for an honest review, hit me up.

My Dirty Books in the iTunes and Google Play Stores

It’s taken me a long time to get my books up on retailers other than Amazon, but they are finally starting to appear one at a time! And so far, the response has been pretty fantastic. While Amazon is still my biggest sales venue, I’m finding that with books published to all five of the big retailers (Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, and B&N) that Amazon only accounts for about half of my sales, which is surprising, to say the least.

I’ve been using Streetlib and Pronoun to get them pushed out, and I can recommend both platforms if you’re interested in self-publishing. They are both easy to use and make it pretty easy to get books out to multiple retailers all at the same time.

If you’re an iTunes reader or a Google Play fan, click on the screenshots below to visit my author page on each platform.

Here’s iTunes:

Guy New York's books in the iTunes store.

Here are all my books in the iTunes store.

And Google Play:

Guy New York erotica in the Google Play Store

Here are my erotica books in the Google Play Store!


Free Cuckold and Hotwife Erotica

A cuckold's Diary: The Places They Come, Free on Amazon

As I’m waiting for The Places They Come to go live on new retailers, I made it free on Amazon for two days. So you if you like that sort of things, it’s there for the taking!

Here’s a snippet in case you’re curious:

True to her word, I didn’t get another text until nearly four in the afternoon. I heard my phone go off, and I pulled it out of my pocket in the middle of my meeting, hoping for some sort of explanation. I stared at the screen for so long my boss had to snap at me, and I was up instantly, apologizing as I made my way back to my office. I mumbled something about a family emergency before I closed the door behind me and collapsed onto my chair.

I looked at my phone again to find a new text that read ‘I’m sorry’. The apology, however, was not for our previous conversation. In fact, as far as I could tell, the apology was for the photo that had popped up moments before, and more specifically for what she was doing right then.

The photo was of my wife’s lips wrapped around an enormous cock. Another photo arrived a few minutes later, this time wide enough that I could see her kneeling on the floor of her office with her hands wrapped around him; her lips were parted by the head of his dick. I stared at it, not knowing what to do. She had told me she’d try to behave, but clearly, she didn’t put much effort into it. Part of me was surprised she had made it that long.

“Do you want to see more? She’s doing a great job,” came the next message. Fuck, this was not right. He had her phone and he was fucking texting me now? I was angry and upset, but still, I couldn’t put down the phone. The picture was insanely hot, and it was like seeing my wife in a movie. There was lust in her eyes, and she looked so happy with his cock in her mouth.

“Yes,” I wrote back, my fingers fumbling on the screen. How far had they gone? I waited for at least a minute, my heart pounding in my chest until the screen flashed and another image arrived. This time Jessica’s skirt was around her waist, and her panties were gone. She was bent over her desk, with her legs spread just enough that I could see her pussy lips.

Another photo followed almost instantly. This time his hard cock was nestled between the lips of her cunt, the head just pushing against her folds. I stared at it as I reached one hand down and grabbed my own cock; I was in shock. He was just about to fuck her, and there was nothing I could do about it. His bare cock was pushing against my wife’s pussy, and she was clearly soaking wet.

“You want me to fuck your wife bareback?” Paul wrote. I didn’t even think…

From Sharing the Wrong Girl: A Road Trip with my Best Friend’s Daughter

Sharing the Wrong Girl

Click on the cover for retail links to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Kobo.

“Do you want to know my kink?” she finally asked.

“Obviously,” I said, stealing another glance of the pink cotton showing beneath her shorts. Her thighs were smooth and inviting, and I pictured a thousand things all at once. If she was going to tease, I was prepared to call her bluff.

“It’s pretty simple,” she said, her hand moving down to her thigh as she tugged on the hem of her shorts. “I just like to feel like a slut. It’s a cross between objectification and submission, I guess. It’s mostly about feeling wanted. Like really truly wanted in filthy ways by all the wrong people.”

“That doesn’t sound simple,” I said, trying to focus on my driving as I inwardly groaned. Of course, she had to get turned on by exactly the things I was trying to avoid.

“Well, it’s not like I’m into piss or knife play. I don’t want to wear a pony mask or get put in a cage with a dog bowl. I just like it when men want to fuck me and are really obvious about it. Like how you got when I told you I let that guy finger me.”

“You are fucking intense, Lisa, do you know that? There is no way in hell I would ever tell Brendan any of this, and please tell me the same is true for you. He’d fucking kill me.”

“We’re just talking,” she said, her hand still fumbling with her tiny shorts.

“That’s true,” I said, knowing how big a lie that really was. “We’re just talking. For now.”

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything, right?”

“Well, it’s good that we have that settled,” I said with a smirk.

“But I guess watching isn’t really a crime, though, is it?” She asked, my eyes following hers as they looked down at her lap. “I mean, what happens in the car isn’t important. And besides, it’s not my fault if you happen to look.”

And then, as I looked at the road with one eye, and the girl with the other, she did just what Molly would have done. Never looking up, she pulled the thin fabric to one side, her legs opening wider until I could see her perfectly smooth cunt just two feet away from me.

“This is where he touched me,” she whispered. “He had his fingers all over and inside me, and I got so wet. Almost as wet as I am now.”

She reached down with her other hand and gently touched the lips of her pussy as I tried not to crash the car. When I finally stole another glance at her, she pushed one finger inside herself before pulling it out–slick with her excitement–and licking it clean.

(This is an excerpt from Sharing the Wrong Girl, a rewrite of Driving Lisa after Amazon banned it. If you purchased Driving Lisa and would like a free copy of the new version, just drop me a note and I’ll send you links to download it.)

New Hotwife and Slutty Best Friend’s Daughter Porn on the way

I have two new* books coming out soon, and they’re both about the wrong girl. Which is obviously a theme of mine. There’s nothing like someone who is off limits to push my buttons, at least when it comes to my writing. Both of these are on the porn end of spectrum, but of course there’s some meat to them as well.

Sharing the Wrong Girl is actually a rewrite of Driving Lisa after Amazon decided they didn’t like the whole stepdad thing going on. But it gave me a chance to really rewrite the book, make it a whole lot dirtier, and change the main character to a friend’s daughter instead. I also made the narrator a bit kinkier and stronger, which I think works well for the new version.

If you bought Driving Lisa, drop me a note and I’ll send you the new one for free.

The second book, with a similar title, is Watching the Wrong Girl about a married guy who fantasizes about his wife fucking other men. His truth is revealed through a young houseguest who not only figures out what he wants but maneuvers both him and his wife into a very sticky and precariously hot situation. I’m still finalizing it, but it should be out in the next few weeks and hopefully you’ll like it too.

Anyway, here are the new covers:

The Summer I Watched, a hotwife erotica novella

The Summer I Watched, a hotwife erotica novella


Review of Punishing Alice: Spanking and Seducing the Babysitter

Punishing Alice: spanking and seducing the babysitte“Punishing Alice” is a quick, sexy, & mysterious 30-minute read about a young 18-year-old named Alice, who is a long-time babysitter for a wealthy family, Mr. & Mrs. Richards.
It is the second book I’ve read by the author, Guy New York, and by the 2nd page I was flipping through it and didn’t stop until I reached the conclusion.

-Five Star Amazon Review

Getting Erotica onto Apple’s iTunes/Books

It’s been a challenge to get dirty books up on Apple, partially because their own platform is difficult, but also because they have far stricter limits on what they will and won’t publish. Which can be a good thing since the market is smaller, but also makes it difficult to know what they will and won’t take.

I’m even worried to go into details about what they’ve published vs. what they haven’t, because I don’t want them to know how damn inconsistent they are, or what crazy shit I’ve already gotten away with.

But this week, they rejected both The Yes Rule (that was not a shock) and Driving Lisa (which was a little surprising). I’m a little worried about trying to add Pill X or Caught in the Act, because I don’t want them to get stuck in the filters, especially since Pronoun (who I’ve been using as a distributor) occasionally removes the book from all other retailers if Apple doesn’t like it.

But, still, I’ve managed to get a number of my dirty books live on Apple, which can you see below. If you’re an avid iBooks user, then hopefully you’ll find something there you like. It’s amazing what you can get away with when you don’t have a dirty cover. 😉

(Click here or on the image below to visit iTunes and read samples of the books.)

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 9.58.51 AM

Amatuer Dirty Photos

I was lucky enough to have two lovely ladies over the other night who let me try my hand at taking some dirty photos. They also happened to be wearing the same adorable panda socks (okay, maybe they planned that) which turned out quite nicely.

Here are a few of my favorites from the evening.

DSC_0288 DSC_0103 DSC_0170

Delightful Review of MMF

mmfWhatever you can imagine happening between two guys and a girl, the book has it. BDSM, kink, roleplaying, a couple living out their hot fantasies, friends who are trying a threesome for the first time, a couple seducing a stranger… it’s all there in the book.

And, quite unexpectedly, I found that you can learn a lot about characters in 2 minutes. Guy New York is very good at building character information into an erotic scene, and you feel as though you’ve been reading about the characters for an hour, when in reality it’s only been a minute or two.

You can read the whole review over on Joe’s Tumblr.